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Glenda Lange Rock Island, IL September 8, 2011 Neil Diamond Tribute (Keith Allynn) The Neil Diamond Show was great. Even though it is a one man show it is very professional. Keith Allynn did a great job singing and taking us through Neil Diamond’s life with his songs. We had a glimpse into Keith’s own life with the songs that entwined his life. I would definitely see this show again. Peter Cameron Depoe, Oregon August 30, 2011 Neil Diamond Tribute (Keith Allynn) A Neil Diamond Tribute was a last minute addition to the show schedule for my wife and I. We are glad we did. Keith Allynn is so personable and real. As he chatted with the audience before the show we got to know him as a person. His performance was wonderful. Song after song kept us waiting for the next. At times I would close my eyes and think I was at a Neil Diamond concert. He is that good. A Neil Diamond Tribute should be on everyone’s list of shows to see. We purchased Keith’s package of DVD’s and can’t wait to get home to play them. On another trip to Branson we will be sure to see Keith again Carol Lueck Evansville, IN August 19, 2011 Neil Diamond Tribute (Keith Allynn) My husband and I truly enjoyed this show. The songs sounded exactly like the artist himself. With all the moves, feelings and the calm of his personality.. We will definitely be back to this show in the coming future…. Coreen Bloomer Sun City, AZ June 3, 2011 Neil Diamond Tribute (Keith Allynn) Keith looks and sings like Neil Diamond. Gentle person which reflects in his music. Nancy Salzmann Mineral, IL December 1, 2010 Neil Diamond Tribute (Keith Allynn) If you shut your eyes, you would swear it was Neil Diamond singing! I have been to two live concerts and Keith Allynn had his voice and mannerisms pegged! We loved the show! Cecille Skaggs Springfield, MO November 13, 2010 Neil Diamond Tribute (Keith Allynn) I loved the show. Keith Allynn has nailed the Neil Diamond look and sound. His performance, including voice, body language, and narration were perfect. His wife, Diana, provided a touch of “spice” that was just right. His “audience warmer” was cute and enjoyable. The show was the right length – long enough but not too long. I don’t understand why he doesn’t have a bigger venue filled to capacity. I have wanted to see Neil Diamond in person and have watched for an appearance to attend, and this show basically satisfied that desire. Keith Allynn is a dead ringer for Neil Diamond. Fabulous! Dr. Dennis V. Adam, DC Iron Mountain, MI November 2010 Neil Diamond Tribute (Keith Allynn) My wife and I thought this was an excellent show. We have actually seen it twice so we went back which should tell you something. They are also great people and are not afraid to take time to talk to you. Great down home people and are both very talented. Would be great to put a few Elvis’ songs in the show since he is good at that also. They serve great pumpkin pie. Enjoyed seeing their son so his Elvis act. Guess he is following in his father’s foot steps. Hope his wife starts singing again in the Central Stage by Wal Mart again. Gary & Jackie Rothmeier Kasson, MN October 8, 2010 Neil Diamond Tribute (Keith Allynn) We felt it was the best show that we saw on our trip to Branson. Neil Diamond has always been a favorite of ours and Keith Allynn did an excellent job. I felt like I was listening to the real Neil Diamond. He even had that special “catch in his voice that is totally Neil’s. My wife said that if we come again to Branson, Keith’s show is on the list of being seen over again. Robert Parlow Blowing Rock, NC September 22, 2010 Neil Diamond Tribute (Keith Allynn) Keith put his heart and soul into the performance we saw, his rendition of Neil’s song made us feel as if Neil himself was doing the show. We did not need to close our eyes to imagine that Neil was singing, his voice and his looks were so life like. Last year we saw a Neil tribute in Florida, Keith was much better. As far as the venue is concerned, Keith deserves a larger venue with more in the form of the “big shows” in Branson. His costumes were good. The prerecorded music was excellent and at times a bit too loud. The lighting was adequate for the setting, but a real stage with lighting that was variable could have enhanced the effect of some of the songs. Net, terrific performer who deserves a better venue. Kurt L. Moore Branson, MO September 10, 2010 Neil Diamond Tribute/ The Diamond Image (Keith Allynn) Keith Allynn has successfully put together a show depicting Neil Diamond. Neil is a hard person to give successful tribute to because of his unusual appearance, his Brooklyn accent and his mannerisms onstage. Keith Allynn has the Diamond persona down cold including the difficult Brooklyn accent. I recently saw a stage performance of Keith’s show at the Branson Mall Theater and was amazed by it. Not so much that Keith had the accent down to a science and not so much with the lighting and smoke effects and not so much with the costume choice but rather with the fact that several times during the show I would swear it was Neil Diamond on stage and not Keith Allynn. Previously I had taken photos of Keith for publicity purposes and found he had taken one and had it beside an actual photo of Neil Diamond. It was eerie how much the two looked alike—not only alike, but exactly alike. I have taken photos since both on and off stage and found many of my photos looked amazingly like Neil Diamond. Keith Allynn was an Elvis Tribute Artist for 14 years. He never really found his niche with that persona but certainly has with paying tribute to Neil Diamond. Keith has studied Diamond literally day and night to get the mannerisms, the songs and the accent down to when he comes on stage; it is many times Neil Diamond entering the stage. Keith Allynn, for sure, was literally born to pay tribute to Neil Diamond. Neil Diamond is rated as the third most successful adult contemporary artist ever, behind only Barbara Streisand and Elton John. In 1984 Diamond was inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame and in 2000, received the Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award. Neil Diamond has sold 115 million records worldwide with 48 million being sold in the United States. He has been recording music since the 1960’s. In Keith’s show he and his wife, Diana Lynn combine to do a remake of the 1978 Diamond-Streisand duet, “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers.” It was originally recorded separately by both Diamond and Streisand. A Louisville radio program director decided to take both albums and combine them into a virtual duet. In doing so it was apparent the mix had chemistry for listeners, so Diamond and Streisand recorded it to make it real. It was so real it became a number one hit for them. There was a side story connected with their live performance onstage. Seems Streisand was always nervous before a performance to the point of sometimes losing her cookies. When they were performing onstage and were close together during the last part of the song, she was so nervous her mike kept knocking against his. I guess it drove the sound guys crazy trying to sort it all out. Bottom line is this: There are not probably nine people in the entire world who actually resemble Neil Diamond. Keith Allynn does. There are few people in the world who can sing like Neil Diamond. Keith Allyn can. There are fewer people in the world who look like Neil Diamond, sing like Neil Diamond and do it with the right accent. Keith Allynn does it all. As I said earlier, Keith Allynn was literally born to pay tribute to Neil Diamond and his music. I know this much, if Neil Diamond were ever to visit Keith Allynn’s show, he would smile and say, “Job well done, my friend.” If you loved Neil Diamond before, Keith Allynn as Neil Diamond will have you falling in love with him all over again. Pat Misener Andover, KS September 10, 2010 Neil Diamond Tribute (Keith Allynn) Keith Allyn performs an outstanding tribute to the life & songs of Neil Diamond. His voice, looks and actions match Neil’s style to a “T”. Wow! Also Keith’s duets with Dianne Lynn are most touching & romantic. Keith’s voice is so creative & versatile matching favorite vocalist including Hermit the Frog. What an outstanding performer not to be missed while in Branson. We look forward to seeing him in more spotlights & theaters. (He is) an upcoming Star to go see. Kim Wakefors Waterloo, Ontario August 11, 2010 Neil Diamond Tribute (Keith Allynn) Keith Allynn is a dead ringer for a younger Neil Diamond in looks and voice! He has put together a very intimate show and is a fabulous musician and a great entertainer! Cindy Neureuther Berkeley, CA August 4, 2010 Neil Diamond Tribute (Keith Allynn) My husband and I really, really enjoyed this Neil Diamond Tribute show performed by Keith Allynn. Keith has an amazing voice and certainly the stage presence of Neil himself. We were very impressed by the quality of Keith’s performance. We also enjoyed all the photos of Neil Diamond on stage. I especially liked how Keith Allynn performed the songs: Cracklin Rosie, Forever in Blue Jeans, I am I Said, and Cherry Cherry. Keith’s lovely wife Diana Lynn added a nice balance to his performance when she joined him on stage. I enjoyed learning about how some of the songs of Neil Diamond came to be written, but I also liked hearing about Keith’s own life and his dedication to his career and family. His story is very touching, which for me, made this show unique and well worth seeing. I have already recommended seeing Keith Allynn to my family and friends, and would certainly see him again when I return to Branson, Missouri. Linda Wells West Memphis, AR July 2, 2010 Neil Diamond Tribute (Keith Allynn) I have enjoyed the amazing talent of this man for 4 years. His show is the best you will see. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Keith perform over 25 times. I have seen Neil Diamond in Memphis, TN, Keith does great justice to the Man and His Music. People if you don’t see this show you will have missed the opportunity of a lifetime. The show is awesome. Keith will leave you with a big Wow, what a voice, what a man what a performance. I would go and see him perform anywhere I possibly could over and over! Outstanding!

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